Month: December 2013

Mizzou Football Family Visits Children’s Medical Center

The Mizzou football team isn’t just centering its trip to Dallas around football. The team went to the Dallas Children’s Medical Center to lift the spirits of children in need. “What you have to understand is that we get as much out of this as what we give back to these kids,” a candid Coach

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Cotton Bowl Media Day at AT&T Stadium

Cotton Bowl Media Day kicked off for the Mizzou football team down in Dallas, and the team couldn’t be more excited to be in the Lone Star State as a part of the festivities. The day kicked off with a normal practice and was followed by pictures as well as other media related activities. Short

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Discipline in Mizzou Football

Discipline is “training that is expected to produce a specific character of pattern behavior.”   1. Bobby Knight: Do what has to be done When it has to be done As well as it can be done And do it that way all the time. 2. Tom Landry: “Setting a goal is not the main

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Mizzou Football Nike Uniform – 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl

Coach Gary Pinkel and the Mizzou Tigers would like to thank all fans for voting on the 2014 AT&T Cotton Bowl uniform combination.  The gold jersey was the winner, as shown in the picture above. Thanks again for your support this season.  Go Tigers!

Mizzou Network: Texas Pipeline

Our Mizzou Tigers have arrived in Dallas for the Cotton Bowl and have wasted no time in getting into practice mode in preparation for the big game. Thirty-two members of the Mizzou football team come from the state of Texas, where surprisingly enough, this game will feel like a home game to many of them.

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Cotton Bowl Baby Kaine Otterbacher Returns Home to Dallas

The last time the Mizzou Tiger football team was in Texas for the Cotton Bowl, Kaine Otterbacher was born. In fact, Kaine’s middle name is even Cotton. The Tiger family, along with Kaine, made their way back to Dallas with a birthday cake to celebrate the monumental occasion. After getting everyone’s vocals warmed up with

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NFL Day at Mizzou

Before the Mizzou Tigers left town to head for Dallas this past week, they got together for a special yearly practice they like to call “NFL Day.” Why NFL Day? Because much like the pros, the Mizzou team has more of a “pro style” practice where the dress code is a little more relaxed and

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Happy Holidays from the Mizzou Football Family

The holidays are always a good time to get together with friends, family and the one thing at Mizzou that incorporates both of those things—team. The Mizzou Tigers look forward to their upcoming bowl game, but the team also took in the vibes of the holiday season while at the practice facility this past week.

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Mizzou Cotton Bowl Gift Suite: Shopping with Evan Boehm

Mizzou offensive lineman Evan Boehm hit the Cotton Bowl Gift Suite this week and we got a first-hand look of how that experience went. Boehm looks around at a variety of things, takes a bike ride and relaxes in a recliner. Listening to some recommendations, he takes a look around at some other items like

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Mizzou Football Team Receives Cotton Bowl Gear

In one of the more priceless moments from this year’s Mizzou football team, here are some reactions from the team to seeing some of the gifts that the Cotton Bowl is providing for them this year. It starts off with two shirts, a black short-sleeve and a black long-sleeve, both getting some light chatter. The

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